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Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture - old and new
In the application of body acupuncture, points are stimulated with thin disposable, solid needles or pins. Such points relieve various complaints, facilitate healing and promote mental and physical well-being. Generally, the acupuncture points are located on the body surface, in the skin or in the underlying muscles. Therefore, the fine acupuncture pins are inserted relatively superficially. Although patients may experience a slight tingling or warmth, the skillful insertion of the acupuncture needle is generally pain free.

Acupuncture therapy is one of the oldest healing methods. Today's use of body acupuncture is based on thousands of years of clinical experience with numerous ailments and diseases. In addition, modern acupuncture is supplemented by information from decades of scientific research. Medical research confirms the clinical experience of earlier acupuncturists and has confirmed the numerous effects of acupuncture points: for example, the relief of pain, the improvement of blood circulation, the reduction of inflammation, the relaxation of tight muscle, etc. Although acupuncture is truly an ancient form of treatment, its modern form reflects the integration of older, clinically proven and newer, scientifically based applications.
The Healing Plants
Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are used to treat disease or damage due to injury as well as prevent disease conditions and/or their complications. In addition, plant and mineral based treatments promote overall health, well-being and longevity.
The knowledge of the herbal medicinals relates almost exclusively to their effect on humans. Herbal strategies in Chinese Medicine developed over thousands of years. In general, most herbal prescriptions or formulas are based on the positive clinical experiences of earlier doctors of Chinese Medicine. Classical prescriptions, for example, from the 2nd century, are often individually adapted or customized based upon the presenting complaints of patients or the cause of the health condition.
High quality herbal concentrates are available in tincture, granule, tablet and capsule forms.
Specialties and services
We have a number of specialties and services to serve your healthcare needs. These services, their approximate duration and the service fees are listed below. Payment is appreciated at the time of service.
We currently do not directly bill insurance companies for our services. As a courtesy to you, we will, upon your request, provide you with a completed Health Insurance Claim Form for you to submit to your insurance company.
For your convenience, the Healthy Practices accepts cash, checks, VISA and MasterCard.
Initial consultation
30-60 minutes - including a discussion of main health concerns and a comprehensive wellness exam   $100
Initial consultation with acupuncture
60-90 minutes - including a discussion of main health concerns, a comprehensive wellness exam and acupuncture treatment   $100
Initial consultation with herbal medicinal treatment
30-60 minutes - including a discussion of main health concerns, a comprehensive wellness exam and an herbal medicinal therapy   $100 + cost of herbal formula*
Follow-up acupuncture
45-60 minutes – including progress evaluation and acupuncture treatment   $65
Follow-up herbal consultation
15-30 minutes – including progress evaluation and herbal medicinal therapy   $35
*Herbal medicinal formulas (granules, capsules, tinctures)   cost based on  individual herbal medicinal ingredients and dosages